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Initially the Ministry was established in 1993 in Danane, Cote D'Ivoire. It started as a Bible Training School. We began planting churches in Gbarnga, Bong County to Monrovia. These are the locations as follows:

1993 Santuary of Praise was planted in Gbarnga, Bong County

1995  Sanctuary of Power was planted in Monrovia Oldest Congo Town

1997 Sanctuary of Healing and Deliverance in Monrovia, Capital By-Pass 

1995  Sanctuary of Resurrection in Nimba County, Kpaytuo

1996 Sanctuary of Restoration in Ganta, Nimba County,

2015 Sanctuary of Grace in Gbranga, Ganta Road, Bong County

2016 Kingdom Sanctuary in Bristol PA U.S. A



The vision is to fulfill humanity on earth, beginning from the interior or Village part of Liberia. The Ministry goals and burden is going to reach communities through planting of Churches.

The relief arm of the ministry will take up the responsibility of catering to the well being of humanity in that community through the supply of clothing, food, schools materials, and homes repairs, or construction and schools construction, and clinics and etc.

To build high schools and Universities in the rural areas of Liberia. The Life of Christ Ministries is passionate to empower humanity through biblically and academically training by establishing Bible training centers and academic centers. Initially from grass root, example starting with beginner level.



The mission of the Church is to carry out the Great Commission by mass evangelism, personal evangelism, hospitality to the poor, prisoners and other needy group, participation in national development through education and health services, and disciple the saints through expository preaching, seminar and church training, thus, creating a growing fellowship.

To engage in social and community work by establishing and maintaining facilities for the needy. To acquire and develop property.

To promote a sense of understanding and mutual cooperation among the generality of Christians irrespective of their denominational affiliation.

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To be witnesses of Christ's love to love our community and world in words, deed, and through acts of hospitality.

To be a biblically informed fellowship of saints who worship God in truth and spirit.

To be a growing fellowship of truly discipled saints. To discipline the saints in and help them internalize Christian virtues and values.

To create a worship service that would be a blessing and a channel to experience God in a deep and rewarding manner.

To establish and maintain Churches and Missions in America and in foreign lands.

To train ordain and license candidates for work of the Gospel ministry. To print, publish and distribute Christians literature.


Bless MeJJ. Hairston & Donnie McClurkin
UyahalalelaBenjamin Dube

Life is facing challenges to fulfill. God has destine us to be blessed. But there is a Goliath that we are always faced with and it hinders our progress in Life. We must take our stand according to Ephesians 6;13-14 'We are born to win to be blessed through worship". God delivered the children of Israel through Moses to Worship Him; which was the condition.(Exodus 7:16). You can do all you can but accept the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who built it; except the Lord keeps the City , watchman wakes but in vain. (Psalm 1:27)

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