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The Sanctuary of Resurrection is one of the several umbrella Churches under the Life of Christ Ministries International Incorporated. Located in Kpatuo Nimba County, the church is about 290km from Monrovia and is in fulfillment with Ministry’s mandate to built Resilient Churches that transforms people to God loving children and Disciples of Christ on Earth through biblical and moral teachings. The Church has an appreciable membership and believes that each member is unique and special in the eyes of God.

These members are mix group of people including children, youth, adults and elderly persons with mix ethnic backgrounds. We are grateful to God for the growing increase in membership which is a result of active evangelism through tarries, Bible studies, mid week services meetings and other vital Christian upbringing.


The leadership headed by the resident Pastor of the local church remains faithful, dedicated and hard working to communicate and proclaim the Gospel to these indigenous and traditional natives who are spiritually lost.

The objective of this report is to provide update to Symthna Memorial Baptist Church through the National Office of the Ministry on the usages of funds provided. The report also provides information through pictorial descriptions of what has been accomplished or achieved up to given peak, outstanding issues and major challenges. Major constrain encountered during the period were lack of funds to undertake other special projects including dressing of interior and exterior walls, installation of ceiling tiles and burglar bars; and to start works on the mission house intended to enhance and facilitate good living conditions for the resident Pastor. Progress Report: Received funds & Selected Projects Upon the receipt of funds from the Symthna Memorial Baptist Church through Bishop Daniel B. Scott, the leadership held a special meeting to discuss key and imperative projects to be addressed in regards to the value of the funds received. Amongst the dozens of project being view, the seating capacity and casting of the church floor was prioritized as the most urgent need.


The result was communicated to the National Office for concurrence on the decision. Also during the meeting, a special committee headed by Rev. J. Harris Mulbah , Mission Director of the National Office was setup to monitor and provide technical support to ensure that selected projects are of high quality and are completed timely. Benches/Seating Project: In previous times, seating capacities for the local church has been very discouraging and challenging. During services and meetings, people sat on timbers place on top of compress earth bricks, children sat on spread mats and lappers. In some instances, many people had to stand throughout the services.

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