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The Sanctuary of Restoration under the Life of Christ Ministries International Incorporated is a newly established branch located in Nimba County. The Church is currently located in Jacobs Town Community in Ganta City. Headed by resident Pastor Elijah M. Sumo and other emergent leaders including his wife Mrs. Fatu Sumo, the church is making significant improvements as it regards wining souls, membership development and utilization of limited funds raised. Presently the local church has graduated from an old raged mat structure to soil stabilized brick (dirt brick) structure (35’ X 25’) which is worth commendable to the members of the church. The local church is part of the Ministry’s commitment for Building Resilient Churches that transforms people to God loving children through biblical teaching that nurtures the soul; bring peace, happiness and joy while making Disciples of Christ.

On the 20th of October, the Mission Director of the National Office of Life of Christ Church paid visit to the Sanctuary of Restoration. The aim of visit was to access the level of development or progress by the local church and help strengthen leaders through trainings for the church. The visit lasted for four day (October 21th -24th 2013) and objectives for the trip was very successful and timely.


The local church is faced with several challenges including balance payment on church land which was earlier paid partly and the urgent needs cannot be overemphasized as photos of physical structures are clear evidence of needs. There is limited church furniture and no sound system (speakers, mics, drum, keyboard etc) for now. Major challenges encounter during the trip was due to inadequate time to undertake more activities which was caused by travelling with commercial vehicles. We could not travel with our vehicle because trip was urgent and there was insufficient fund to gas said vehicle. However, we glorify and bless God for a safe travel to and fro and for the wonderful thing he is doing at the Sanctuary of Restoration.

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